About Us

We are a nonprofit organization based in Italy, whose mission is to level the ground between business and nonprofit, fostering  growth and sustainability. Our structure is that of a federation, and our network includes professionals, firms, universities, public and private organizations of any size.

We believe that opportunities should not be limited by money, and all ideas that can create value and do good in the world should get their chance to see the light. In order to make this possible, we’ve observed many industries and markets over the years, and discovered some key elements that, together, pave the road to success for any project. Once we were able to determine these elements, we focused our efforts in finding a way to make them available globally at the best conditions possible. The three key elements are:


Get a deep understanding of your capabilities, your surroundings and the dynamics of the industry you are venturing in, be it profit or nonprofit, to succeed.


Our state of the art technological infrastructure, refined processes and methods allows members and partners to cooperate in synergy on any goal in a efficient, streamlined way.


We may not have long grey beards and magic wands, but we spent years studying and practicing the arcane magic of business. Our network boasts professionals with years of actual experience that can help you take effective decisions.

Members of the Federation can get discounts up to 90% of the retail price, get in touch with us to discover if your idea qualifies for full support. You are a professional and want to make a difference by helping  others succeed? Become a volunteer today!