Strategy Consulting

What is Business Strategy?

Have you ever asked yourself: “what’s the best way to reach a goal?”

You’re currently reading an article about business strategy; so the answer is probably “yes”.

Strategy has recently become an overused buzzword in many business domains. How many boring documents and proposals have you read that go on and on about the “strategy for this” and the “strategy for retaining that”? They make it sound so simple and all-encompassing, but it isn’t. A strategy is comprised of numerous inner workings- tactics, angles and ideas- these inner cogs all churn towards the same end goal in the machine that is a business.

A little history lesson about the importance of strategy consulting

Let’s go back to Ancient Greece for a moment, because we sort of have to. You see, back in Ancient Greece, there would be a military figure with the title of Polemarch who would be the supreme commander of all the military forces. The Polemarch would make his decisions based on the support and ideas of the ten most admired and experienced generals; their undisputed competence and authority was universally acknowledged and respected. Each of these counsellors took the title of Strategos which literally translates as “military commander” from the Greek στρατηγός, pl. Strategoi.

Their primary objective was to gather information on the enemy in order to make justified decisions. They would assess the number of troops, their equipment, and where and how to position their allied troops. They also mapped the territory of the land to find shortcuts and, of course, would seek to find the most effective way to counter each and every weapon, giving each soldier an empirical and strategic edge over the enemy. Strategy consulting was therefore considered an essential tool in the critical phase of choosing the right move to make next; the result of a vision that was beyond the reach of an individual, the secret weapon to achieve victory.

You see, business strategy really does come from the art of war. It makes sense, really, what with all those fellows in War Rooms pushing pawns around maps in old war films. The allies’ strategy in World War II wasn’t “beat the Nazis”; that was their goal. Their strategy was complex and multi-faceted. It consisted of many interwoven cogs within the war machine. The allies decoded messages, bought weapons, invested in aircraft, built barriers, timed their attacks and did much, much more before achieving their end goal of winning the war. The Axis forces did much the same thing, but they lost the war. So you know… their strategy wasn’t great. Blitzkrieg worked for a while, though.

So the inevitable question: why am I telling you all this? Because business is just economic war.

Strategy Consulting in Business

Any kind of organization, be it public or private, profit or nonprofit, can happen to face a situation which requires swift, creative and effective solutions. It might be the launch of a new line of products, the development of a new service, the need to choose new technological tools or even the hiring of new collaborators.

All of these things require the multi-faceted orchestration of a unique business strategy. A good strategy is a complex one. I know what you’re thinking: “that sounds counterintuitive” but it really isn’t. If your strategy is too simple, then your competitors will steal it. Why wouldn’t they? A complex and unique business strategy ensures that your operation is hard to emulate; this is why it is important to give it a lot of thought.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a strategist on your side? Even better, wouldn’t it be awesome to have an entire team of strategists to count on when things go awry? You can see where we’re going with this…

Strategy Consulting does exactly that. It allows executives and managers to make more informed decisions. It allows businesses to carefully analyse every detail, and to pinpoint their steps towards reaching their end-goal with the maximum efficiency possible. Not only does it help businesses to reach their goals, it helps them to sustain them. Strategy Consulting can provide a business with long-term macro-scale plans in order to achieve their goals. In this modern, competitive age, a business needs to have a well thought-out strategic edge on their competition. End up like the allies, not like the axis. We mean that in… several ways.

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